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The new Google Pixel Buds are available today for your listening pleasure

In October, we introduced the all-new Google Pixel Buds—with high-quality sound, an unobtrusive design that fits securely and comfortably in your ear and helpful AI features. We wanted to make sure whether you're streaming content while working out or sitting in a noisy room talking on a conference call, you have the best possible audio experience. Today, Pixel Buds are available for $179 in Clearly White in the U.S.

How To Connect your Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra to your TV

Learn how to quickly connect your Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra to your TV with this one simple gadget. Within minutes using this Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra accessory you will be able to view content from your Samsung S20 Ultra on a larger display whether that be on a TV, monitor or even a projector. This cost-effective USB-C to HDMI Adapter from Olixar makes it all possible!

How to Protect the Samsung Galaxy S20’s Camera Module

The camera module found on all three Samsung Galaxy S20 Series handset’s has increased in size vastly in comparison to that found on predecessor S10 Series. With the flagship Galaxy S20 Ultra having the largest camera ‘bump’ of the three new handsets, it’s certainly been a talking point about how much the module sticks out, rather than sitting flush with the back of the phone. As a result S20, S20 Plus and S20 Ultra owners may be worrying about scratching the camera and so we’ve found the best ways of to protect the camera module.

How to Improve WiFi Around the House

We’ve all been in a situation where we’ve wanted to stream a movie, game online with friends, video call loved ones or simply try to get some work done but then find you’ve not got a WiFi connection. This is potentially caused by a ‘WiFi dead spot’ in your house, which in simple terms means the WiFi signal from your router isn’t reaching that specific area. The dead zones are normally caused by stairs, certain electrical appliances and even certain materials that were used to build your house. This is where a WiFi range extender may be the solution.

How to Protect Your Home from Being a Victim of Webcam Spying

Many of our homes now feature more and more electronics including smartphones, laptops, tablets and smart home devices. However a key area which is often overlooked is our privacy. With many devices featuring webcams and cameras, it’s long been understood that hackers can gain access into these devices and generally without users knowing it.

How to Clean My Smartphone and Remove Viruses

Did you know that your smartphone could be harboring potentially dangerous bacteria and viruses? Regular cleaning of your mobile phone will help to keep you and your family healthy. This blog will outline some of the most effective ways to clean your smartphone and help to keep nasty viruses and bacterias at bay.